Immune Booster Shot: For You and Your Family

Not everyone exposed to viruses will develop the flu. Susceptibility depends in large to the strength of each individual’s immune system. Your immune system is your body’s main defense system. It is well designed to protect your body against foreign attackers such as bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, most people’s immune system is not at its optimal. This is due to many factors including poor dietary habits, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and inadequate sleep.

Homeopathic medicines can activate and support your immune system to fight against the cold and flu. Both of the following preparations have been used internationally for over 35 years due to their significant efficacy and safety. Gripp-Heel is a homeopathic preparation that stimulates your defense system and is effective for both viral and bacterial infections. Its therapeutic benefits have been shown in many studies.

Engystol is another ­homeopathic preparation that has been established in research as having anti-viral effect against the flu virus. It is effective in prevention and treatment (greatly ­reducing the duration and severity of the symptoms) of the flu.
The two preparations can be combined and injected intramuscularly. They are also available in tablet or liquid form, which can be effective for children instead of injections.

The combination of the two medicines provides you with all the above benefits minus side effects or interactions. It is safe for the entire family.
Ask your naturopathic doctor for more information.

Wellness Naturopathic Centre, North Vancouver, BC

The information on this website is for educational purposes only. It does not substitute for proper assessment and treatment by a licensed health care provider.

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